This is a question, I always get from athletes or coaches , as they do many exercises, sudden improvement then go down drastically, getting injured, and losing events.

There is a difference between following an exercie protocol for health & general fitness is easy if you use common sense, basic instructions and the medical advice. On the other spectrum you have people who train for aesthetics & body building this is extreme version of their goals it is tough sport still manageble with correct guidlines

In my area of exepertise in Combat sports, Tennis & Badminton,the serious repercussion occurs when juniors , amerture or wannabe pro athletes or coaches & management who doesn’t have the necessary credentials , field experience or proven track record with multiple athletes over years is going out of their scope of profession and trying to mimic social media clips and expect world class results , do you know why this is counterproductive ?

  1. Just doing an exercise will only make you do that exercise well
  2. Technical or Exercises , if you do it without proper technique and understanding with bad form you will be better at being bad or get injured
  3. Copying random exercises of other people, athletes or coaches (just wake up from dream world into reality these will work for them & not for you)

The major resaons :

  1. Peak Sports Performance is highly scientific , complicated and individualized in every component of Exercise, Technical , Psychology, Physiology, Biomechanics, Nutrition & Recovery ( you can’t learn that from internet, social media, workshops etc) if that was easy you would see many world class athletes, there is reason why is reserved for few
  2. As athletes you will know your mind and body better than anyone else (intrinsically) when you feel your performance is low, losing matches on more than 80% of the time , getting injured, de-motivated this is a red light that you are using wrong training methods in Technical &/or in exercises
  3. Winning 8 + times out of 10 in tournaments & peak performance happened when you find the right coaches who can individualize Technical & Performance training on daily basis to fit your athlete and who can do programming well. This is reserved to limited amount of coaches who can do the right mix ( if winning World & Asian titles are easy as social media, everyone would be champions)
  4. Just investing in equipment or latest trends will not give you results its about fine tuning the programming

Over my careers I have worked with many amazing Technical coaches, S&C ,Physical Therapist , Doctors etc ,this is  in world full of marketing hype ” WHO TALK THE TALK, CAN’T WALK THE WALK ” with fake promises . As athletes make a note due to heavy competition globally you don’t get many chances to make it to the top, your health, performance, financials and longevity in career matters the most. Few tips to watch out and get your career in the right path

Tips for athletes who want to be international :

  1.  Whatever the countries you live, find the right Technical coaches & Performance coaches who has the education, experience & proven results with multiple athletes over the years.
  2. If you are unable to find in the above caliber coaches in your respective country find sponsors who can hire few international coaches to get the job done ( this is only relevant if your goal is international tournaments) as top caliber coaches will come with high fee structure .
  3. Invest time, money, energy, dedication, integrity & loyalty with the right type of people as the saying goes “VIBE IS YOUR TRIBE”
  4. If you are getting injured, not getting results “W”s on regular basis change the environment and coaches

Hope this articles helps all of you with some tips .