For those who follow me on Twitter & Instagram @ranilharshana knows , I try to keep things without sugar coating this is very old video before the MMA popularity started . As a High Performance strength & Conditioning coach when I train :

  1. World class combat,Tennis, Badminton athletes in “High Performance” all is periodized with task and goal specific training
  2. Recreational clients have a different set of goals thoseĀ  are stress busting , getting fit, burn calories from a energizing workout (progressed or regressed ) without overtraining or getting injured
  3. Remember average person is not a professional athlete know your client or athlete and train them accordingly

This clip was shot early to mid 2000’s before the sudden boost MMA popularity,since then trainers,kids,weekend warriors tend to participate in some kind of a combat sport oriented workout. One of my former athlete (T going through cross training cycle off tournament cycle & yours truly engaging in some heavy duty training as I always lead athletes by example ( both have years of experience)

Any rookie starting to to kick , punch & try to do heavy intense training pl read the article on H.I.T are you ready …

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