Those who follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@ranilharshana) know that I don’t sugarcoat things; this is an old video from before the MMA boom. As a high-performance strength and conditioning coach, I train by:

World-class combat, tennis, and badminton athletes in “High Performance” are all periodized with task- and goal-specific training. Recreational users have different goals, like relieving stress, getting fit, and burning calories through an energetic (progressed or regressed) workout without overtraining or getting hurt.
Remember that the typical individual is not a professional athlete, and train accordingly.

This video was filmed in the early to mid-2000s, before the rapid rise in popularity of mixed martial arts. Since then, trainers, kids, and “weekend warriors” often do some kind of workout based on a combat sport. One of my previous athletes is going through a cross-training cycle after a competition, and I am engaging in heavy-duty training as I always lead by example with athletes ( both have years of experience)

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